Hello, and welcome! I am Lori, a 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 50 year old “stay at home mom” and wife to Denny. I live in Fort Oglethorpe, GA where I homeschooled my two kiddos, Ty who is 22 and Niko who is 20. I am a huge pet lover’, and I share my home with 3, 2 a dogs, Lewie, Sofie and Cotey, 2 cockatiels, Lilo and Jayde,6 5 4 5 7 6 cats, Casey, Tomasina, Red, Jack, Midnight, Sylvester, Reid, Chip, Ruben, Karma and finally Simon and Fiona who I saved from under a house in East Lake, Chattanooga TN when they were just days old, and hand raised them. In 2021 a litte one showed up in the back yard plants, and Ty could NOT help but save it, so Nala is the youngest (AND LAST) kitty addition. Still at 6.

I have been an unschooling home educator since my first child, Ty, was born, throughout hers and Niko’s school years with the exception of one. I tried them one year in the local public school by the request of my husband so I could focus on my web company. However, that venture did not fare well, and I brought them back where they belong, home with me.

I love cooking, and do my best to cook a homemade meal every night, but Saturday. I was trained by my mother, who passed away from Leukemia Sept. 25 of 2009, that you can create a great dish from just about anything… it is all about testing and taking risks. I rarely measure when I cook, and depend more on taste to make my recipes work. I also enjoy baking, and love trying new recipes using unusual ingredients to make breads and muffins.

I am the Executive Web Architect, Database Engineer and Communications Specialist of Zenful Creations. I provide ongoing services to several large clients and donate my time to my local non-profit organizations. I have been designing and developing web sites since 1993, and am an expert at the creation of graphical user interfaces using Photoshop, though I know not the first thing about photo editing to make the pictures I take nicer.

In June of 2013, I began another adventure, and opened an online thrift store that I run through a Facebook Group called the Fort Oglethorpe Bargain Bin. As of 2016, I am no longer selling items that I collected by cleaning out estates, and friends homes. It proved to be too much effort for such little payoff, and the game was just not for me. However, I still have all the “stuff”, and really need to purge it!

Then as if I was not busy enough, in 2018 I threw all the rest of me into the Boy Scouts of America program, and currently hold a part-time position with the Cherokee Area Council in Chattanooga, TN assisting in the operation of the Council Store inside of the Scout Service Center.

May 2020 UPDATE: I am now living in a home, a minimal lifestyle, with none of the FOBB left (all donated to charities) ~ GONE! Not only did I get all that out of my home, but minimized my personal “stuff” as well…. and I only have things that spark joy remaining!

More important than all of the information above, I LOVE THE LORD, Jesus, Yahushua – the ONLY human above reproach to seek for direction! I am a dedicated Ambassador of the Kingdom, and avidly serve to bring God’s Kingdom here to earth – on earth as it is in heaven.