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This & That on April 16th, 2022

Dandelions – Dehydrating. Heads & Leaves: dry at 95F – use for tea, jelly,

The human battle is a spiritual one with principalities. It is humans and the way they think that is the true weapon. The inside is fighting what is inside. Humankind needs to take responsibility and repent (change the way they think). It is humans using the technology that humans created.

It has been said, and with no little truth, that a large proportion of the disputes in the world might have been avoided, had the disputants first settled the meaning of the terms they respectively used. In like manner might a large share of the misapprehension and error in the world be avoided, if those who attempt to teach , would first explain their terms – The Young Woman’s Guide to Excellence

1 Corinthians 2 – natural men (subject)l they do not understand spiritual things – the lost person does not get it.

  • Ch 3:1 – carnal, walking in the flesh
  • Ch 3:15 – spirit

Galatians 6:1 is the standard for any relationship