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Back to Homeschool 2011

Let the boo-ing commence… yes, all our public schooled friends don’t have to go back to classes until the 10th, but my little Einsteins start back today. And they actually did not really have a problem with it. They were very eager to get going again, and to learn about the new things I have implemented for the second semester of our classes.

I have been collecting home school materials – mostly free, and much from yard sales, for over 8 years. I did not mind if they were textbooks several years in advance of where my kids were learning; a good deal was a good deal. During the week the kiddos were visiting with family, I decided to dust off a few of those books and see if they would be helpful, and interesting for expanding our daily learning activities.

I chose a Math, Spelling, Language, and Science that fills one of each of their workboxes. In the books they can read their lesson, know what to do, and know where to stop. I think this is really going to work out. I add Literature, History, Health, Art, Penmenship, and fun activities to their boxes each day as well.

I love using “Day’s in History” for teaching and building interesting topics for us to research, discuss and document. I subscribe to several email lists that send me ideas, and I keep everything organized in OneNote (I LOVE this program). I have been using this for teaching History all year, and we will stick to it because it really gets them involved.

While I was getting everything ready to get started again, I took note of how much that I have that I can no longer use. I am setting another goal to go through my school room and pull out all the PreK, K, 1st and 2nd grade materials (and there are boatloads) and manipulative items to re-gift to someone else. Quite the project it will be.

Well, on to filling my work boxes and Happy Monday to all! 🙂