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A New Year with New Goals

Old: Not designing & developing websites, not blogging, not sharing my homeschooling journey, not sharing my trips and vacations, not sharing my (other) passion, cooking and recipes, not using my camera everyday.

These are the items that are a part of my 2011 goal list, and on this NEVER used site, is where I am going to start.

I am an amazing designer – why I just stopped? Who knows. Why I stopped blogging – that ties into the lack of design, since that is what I most often talked about.

I quit noting my lesson plans online when a couple snagged my daughters URL for their “wedding site”. Never let your long owned domains lapse even a day! – they got a VERY heavyweight domain of mine -making over 9 years of work left sitting on a server with no face. Her site was where I documented everything homeschool. That was discouraging.

I have neglected the blog that I share with my husband, and we took plenty of trips, both on the motorcycle, and in our RV that would have been great to write about and share, but I hate the design (not mine – a template)… again, this goes back to the not wanting to design.

There were several times over 2010 that I did photograph some of the dishes I made, but I shared all of them on Facebook instead of posting to a place that is more mine.

My camera aggravates me – I have an awesome camera that the LCD screen cracked on only 2 months after getting it by someone else, so I can’t take the kind of photos I am capable of.

I know what you are thinking (if you are still reading)… the same thing as I am. Excuses.

So, no more for me. I am getting back on track in 2011.