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Review of Garnier Olia

I am a BzzAgent and received a mission to test and review Garnier Olia hair color. After receiving the coupon I went to Walgreen’s to see what colors they had. I am NOT fond of dying my hair, so I wanted to really pick out a color that would not be too drastic of a change.  I am pretty satisfied with the color of my hair. It is brown with gold highlights that come naturally in the summer. I have in the past had professional highlights done, but do not do it any more because it is just too much maintenance. I am too busy to worry about my hair!

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed in the color choices, which was probably the fault of Walgreen’s, as after the fact I found that Garnier DOES sell shades closer to my color. They only had t was either black, red or blonde. I did NOT want black and I did NOT want blonde. So it had to be the red.

I’ve stuck to mostly brown shades for the past couple of years and wanted a change. Most of my adult life, I’ve used either reddish tint or bolder rusty reds, so it seemed like a fun idea to go back to that for a while. Honestly, it was a little challenging to pick a shade I wanted to try because my experience with box color “light” and “medium” seems different from the example photos on Olia boxes. The brown and red shades look darker than what I would call “light,” for example.

At Walmart, there were 14 of the 24 Olia shades in stock, which narrowed down my choice. Since I was fearful of trying any light colors in case they were too light for me, a medium was what I picked to try, 5.5 Medium Mahogany.

The final review – I HATED IT! The most horrendous color… period.