Movies of my Youth

This is a list of the movies that were on repeat in my childhood homes.

I moved away from my family home when I was 17, but the last few years in Chattanooga on the Ridge – I was 15 when we moved – and the first few years on Reef Road in Marietta after Mom & Dad divorced, found us kids watching a lot of TV.

These were the favorites of Lani and Andy as well, though they continued on in their B Movie adventuring, and can probably add dozens more to this list.


Blazing Saddles Trailer – 1974

Oh… where does one even begin to explain how much fun this movie was, and still is. Mel Brooks movies were funny. Period. And this movie was probably one of our absolute favorites!!!!

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Clue Trailer – 1985

This quirky movie solidified my love of Tim Curry movies. And always got me thinking of just HOW MANY movies Madeline Khan is in that I grew up watching – I had to search it up when watching this movie (again, today 10/8/20) to make sure that more of her movies were not meant for this list. I really think she may have been one of my babysitters. Anyway, she and Tim… I believe you will find several times on this listing of flix!

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Caveman Trailer – 1981

Short Circuit

Short Circuit Trailer – 1986

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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